ADEL simplifies the patient journey


ADEL, the Elsan Digital Assistant, is a mobile app that simplifies the patient experience, thanks to a range of services and features. 

What features does the app offer patients?

  • Online appointment bookings with Elsan’s specialist practitioners
  • Home nursing arrangements through our partner Libheros
  • Interactive map of Elsan emergency and unscheduled care services
  • Remote consulting services provided by our partner LIVI
  • Secure online payment
  • The latest news and developments from Elsan clinics

ADEL is also an essential app for outpatients, providing personalized assistance throughout the care journey — from the moment they’re booked in to when they return home — and allowing them to stay in touch with the medical team looking after them. Features include: useful information, articles on relevant topics, patient guidelines and personalized follow-up questionnaires.
The aim is to provide patients with all the information they need to give them complete peace of mind. 
At the same time, the care team keeps a close track on patients after they have returned home via a dedicated monitor, and calls them back if an issue arises.

Who can use ADEL?

The app is free and designed to be used by everyone. Patients simply download it to their iPhone or Android smartphone. Most of the services are available for all patients, including those who don’t stay overnight. 
All patients attending an Elsan clinic  for an outpatient appointment are encouraged to download the app to enjoy the smoothest possible experience. They can then upload their patient record and make use of an additional number of personalized services. 

Download the app

IOS app


Android app